Review: Cecily *****/5

by Annie Garthwaite

Thank you to #NetGalley for providing me a copy of #Cecily to review.

I really enjoyed this book. I’ve been reading selections provided through NetGalley for a few months now and when I saw Cecily come up I thought ‘well, this could be interesting’. An actual historical figure that very few people were familiar with, who influenced and was influenced by the English medieval court of the mid-1400s? Sign me up. The combination of actual historical figures at a pivotal time in British history, the easy reading of modern English vernacular and the injection of what could at worst be called ‘docu-drama’ but at best they would count as modern storytelling considerations. 

I grew up reading quite a bit of fantasy as I grew up, along with a fair amount of historical non-fiction. I’m not sure when exactly, but historical fiction reappeared on my radar several years ago, and it kind of sparked something that scratched both itches of ‘something medieval fantasy’ without the magic and ‘something historical…but not too much’. The earliest book I can remember reading in this vein is The Pillars of the Earth, which many readers will be familiar with. 

Following the many historical names and who’s the son of who and all that should be fairly easy if you follow Game of Thrones or any dense, family-driven fantasy series of your choosing. If you know your medieval English royal history it should be VERY easy. For me, though, it’s not the easiest thing for me to remember but I was able to follow along quick enough I recommend this to anyone looking to dip into a historical period piece.

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