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First attempt at 100-word story

OK, no writing over the weekend, I was a bit lax but relatively busy. But here goes a 100-word story, I’ve been wanting to do this since I first read about it online.

He hung his head, waiting for the flow of angry words to stop. He had no answers to the questions coming at him. Nothing formed in his mind that would make sense. He couldn’t make the questions stop. He could only say nothing and absorb the anger, push down ill-advised comments. Later on, he desperately wanted to explain things, make everything better, but he couldn’t form the words properly. No matter how calming the words might sound in his head he wasn’t able to start talking. So once again, he kept his mouth shut and hoped things would get better.

(the idea for this comes from the 100-word story challenge on the Velvet Verbosity writing blog)