Review: Finding the Mother Tree ***/5

I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this book but I genuinely did, although it may not seem like it because of the middling score. I’d recommend this mainly for eco-minded people, biologists and fans of nature. Generally this is an autobiography of a researcher who spent a career in forestry and moved into research about how the various living things in a forest interact with each other, directly and indirectly. It is really a fascinating topic and presented in a relatively easy to understand way, sort of like a Brian Cox or Neil Degrasse Tyson sort of television show aimed at the general public.

The lengths that that author went to demonstrate the many experiments was quite in-depth and explained in a way that most people would be able to understand. There’s a bit of personal journey in the book, which isn’t what I was really expecting but shows that the author really cares very deeply about her work (obviously, or she wouldn’t be doing it!). 

A harsh review would say that the salient points for ecologically-minded readers could be boiled down to a few pages. However one could make the point that this book is sort of like reading any diet book where you could ‘skip to the end’ and look up the stripped-down facts in a quick search online – but to understand the work, research and motivation behind those facts you really do need to read the whole book. I was pleasantly surprised by this book.

Thank you to #NetGally for this copy of #FindingtheMotherTree

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