Review: In the Shadows of Deimos *****/5

Thank you to #NetGalley for providing me a copy of #IntheShadowofDeimos to review.

Normally I wouldn’t expect much out of a game tie-in, but I was very pleasantly surprised by In The Shadow Deimos. This novel is based on the very popular boardgame Terraforming Mars, which I own and have played. There are many fans of this game, which is quite involved and is based on various corporations trying to make money while enabling the colonization of Mars. The more terraforming is done, the more the temperature goes up, which is good for some things and bad for other things – there are many ‘mechanics’ or systems of the game that operate in this way, and if you’re a fan of the game you will see some of these systems at work in the novel as well. 

But the main plot of the book revolves around a terrible accident that could be corporate sabotage and the investigation into the accident. So it’s kind of a mystery wrapped in a “corporations = bad” subplot, in a sci-fi wrapper because it’s set on Mars. I don’t think you need to be a huge sci-fi fan to enjoy the book, and it’s a big bonus that you don’t have to have played the game before to understand anything in it. In fact, I’ve only played it once so I certainly didn’t remember any of the corporations or how the game works to enjoy the book. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a sci-fi mystery, or who has a passing interest in near future humanity or stories about Mars exploration.

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