OK let’s get this thing going!



Yes, it’s been a long time, as I titled the most recent post on my other ‘personal’ blog.

But I’ve been thinking, got a lot of ideas now, and now it’s time to sit down and write.

I just need to make the time (like with anything) and what I found today was a post on Lifehacker that explained Jerry Seinfeld’s tip on getting things done. Basically you get a year calendar and mark each day with a big X for each day you get something accomplished. In his case it was writing jokes. In the Lifehacker article they recommend things like cleaning, writing, coding, etc.

So I’m going to use this for writing. Whether it’s for an after-hours thing I’m doing, for the video project I’m working on, or for actual WRITING, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to aim for 500+ quality words for each day I’m writing a story, OR doing editing, OR some solid work on ideas.

I think this tip is a great idea and look forward to hammering out some enjoyable stuff 🙂

About Frank

A Yank by birth, I moved to the Midlands of England from sunny Southern California at the beginning of 2004, after living in California for 7 years and San Antonio, Texas for 16 years before that. I'm a lifelong reader, a tabletop gamer, a wannabe writer (although I rarely write!) and am constantly interested in, and fascinated by, everything. I'm still learning about British culture and things after 10 years, and still enjoy my odd bit of Americana, which my friends and co-workers have hopefully come to terms with. View all posts by Frank

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