5×5 Fiction

Thanks to Mike, who commented on my last post, I found out about 5×5 Fiction, a writing project that collects very short stories that are written in 5 sentences consisting of 5 words each. It’s a cool concept, and the originator of the idea collects his favorite stories in a quarterly collection. It’s harder than you might think at first to be constrained into such constraints! Here is my first attempt at something along these lines:

The balloon floated, rising rapidly. “Momm-meeee!” shouted the little girl. Her mother looked up, annoyed. The balloon man came back. Easy: another day, another dollar.

About Frank

A Yank by birth, I moved to the Midlands of England from sunny Southern California at the beginning of 2004, after living in California for 7 years and San Antonio, Texas for 16 years before that. I'm a lifelong reader, a tabletop gamer, a wannabe writer (although I rarely write!) and am constantly interested in, and fascinated by, everything. I'm still learning about British culture and things after 10 years, and still enjoy my odd bit of Americana, which my friends and co-workers have hopefully come to terms with. View all posts by Frank

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