My first attempt at a ‘Twitter story’: 140 characters

I give myself extra points for hitting 140 characters right on the button. So, what, 1.1 points for this one? Anyway, I follow this guy on Twitter that started doing the original 140-character stories (I think he was the first, anyway), and apparently this is ‘a thing’ for writers to do. So here I go:

As she waved goodbye, he knew they would never see each other again. Then the train pulled away, taking with it the tranquility they shared.


About Frank

A Yank by birth, I moved to the Midlands of England from sunny Southern California at the beginning of 2004, after living in California for 7 years and San Antonio, Texas for 16 years before that. I'm a lifelong reader, a tabletop gamer, a wannabe writer (although I rarely write!) and am constantly interested in, and fascinated by, everything. I'm still learning about British culture and things after 10 years, and still enjoy my odd bit of Americana, which my friends and co-workers have hopefully come to terms with. View all posts by Frank

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